Selected Works

Betty Wachsstock Schonfeld was born in 1954 in Belgium.
1972-73 – Studies at the academy of Bezalel in Jerusalem.
1973-75 – Studies with Prof. Jan de Schutter, from the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.
1980-82 – Free student at the Avni Institute of Arts in Tel Aviv.
1988- Price of Excellency at the International Art Competition of New York.
Since 1982, she is exhibiting in Belgium, France, Holland, Panama, U.S.A., and Israel.
Betty moved to live in Israel with her family in 1996 and lives in Petah-Tikwa.
From 2004, Wachsstock was the curator of several exhibitions at “The Bible Museum” In Tel Aviv
In 2005, She was invited to represent Israel at the “Second Beijing International Biennale”, China, with her sculpture: “Continents”. In 2006, she was selected to participate in the “2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Designs Contest” in Beijing, China, with the Sculpture: “Encounters”.