Selected Works

Adi Michael is a painter, sculpture, designer, and multidisciplinary artist. He lives and works in Israel.
His artistic language combines expressive styles of the pop-art, kitsch, and surrealism flow.
The line of his creations is clean and precise, the aesthetics draw characteristics from the world of design and consumerism and is expressed in the artistic format of his works. Adi is the “autodidact philosopher” similar to the experimental science field born thanks to ‘autodidact philosophers’ by trial and error and out of curiosity for discoveries and passions for knowledge and research, so after Michael as well. When he was 9, in art class, he learned that when using different mixture ratios of coffee and water, he can paint an entire painting with shades, light, and shadows. It was a magical moment for him as he then realized and accepted the premise that “anything is possible”.
Creating using varied materials and techniques, some of which he invents, is one of Adi’s prominent characteristics, always with a precise and astonishing line.