Selected Works

Alex Levin was born in 1975 in Ukraine.
From the time he was 6, Levin knew that he was called to be a painter.
Entering the Art Academy at age 12, and graduating with multiple honors, only made the fire burn hotter. Feeling the need to get closer to his heritage, Alex Levin immigrated to Israel in 1990, and became a student of Prof.
Baruch Elron, Chairman of the Israel Artists’ Association.

In 1997, following three years army service, Alex Levin enrolled in an industrial and web design program in order to round out his artistic talents.

Today, Alex’s main painting styles are Judaica, Surrealism and Realism. He works in oil, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, and tempera. He is perhaps best known for his technique involving the multilayered use of tempera and oil, with no brush strokes.

Alex’s works are on display in private and public collections and galleries in Israel, Belgium, USA, Australia, and Russia. His paintings have been reproduced on the covers of books and other printed materials.
Alex Levin is represented by Tribes Fine Art Gallery, Tel Aviv.