Selected Works

Installation Shots

Annalù, (A. Boeretto) was born in 1976, in San Donà di Piave (Venice, Italy).

She lives in her stilt house on the right bank of the Piave river in Passarella di San Donà di Piave, Venice and works at her studio in Jesolo (Venice). Annalù’s works have been shown in a number of Italian and foreign museums, and can be found in public and private collections in Italy and abroad.

Metamorphic shapes, imaginary architecture lyrical and evocative characterize the environment in which research moves realized through the assembly and alchemy of synthetic resins, glass, paper and materials.
In all themes vibrates always the Reverie, a sort of deja – vu analytical wants to hold the dream and featuring non-places of the architecture of water, the movement of esoteric spirals of butterflies in the mandala’s works or the l non – paces that generates books of ice. The artwork it focuses in a sense of passage, of evolution, a kind of journey to different states, different realities with a dynamic balance: a spirit of research which has many aspects in common with alchemy that turns a raw material in another. The artwork tells an expanded time when the form has the value of a mandala and the perception of time is dilated. The natural architecture dematerialize universes in light and intangible, in footprints and memories. A sculpture that is transparency and opacity, apparent fragility structured with strong fiber invisible; disintegration and assembly; matter that it is dismembered and ink which liquefies.

In the artwork there is something classic – as it spans through the history of art – and contemporary – mixing rituals, symbols, phases and recurring cycles, desire and need, time lost and retraced, ideological openness and learning of a renewed spirituality. Is constantly converses with the caducity of the transient and physical climate where sculptures live, with shreds, tiny and traumatized by a secret past, for an allegory of the fugacity of human condition as a constant osmosis between far and near, balancing between presence and memory, recognizable and unrecognizable, temporality and timelessness of the cosmos constellations, as well as of the atom particles.