Selected Works

Arie Azene was born in 1934 in Germany.
Arie immigrated to Israel at a young age and grew up in Tel Aviv. He studied at the Bezalel Acadamy in Jerusalem and the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv, and then went to Paris for advanced studies at the Grande Chaumiere. During the years of 1968 to 1970, he lived in France, England and Germany.  From 1984 he lived in Jerusalem.

Arie Azene is an exceptional observation realist and a master of watercolor technique.
He rarely limits himself to one subject of one style, constantly edging out into a variety of approaches.
Subjects range from arabesque floor tiles to long views of the temple Mount, or details of shadows falling across hidden portals or wrought iron gates, in style from the Academic realism to decorative abstraction. Somehow, when thrown together on the same page, the contrasts never fight for supremacy nor fall into obscurity.
Arie has been influenced by Zaritsky, Streichman and the New Horizons Group.

He has held many one – man exhibitions and also taken part in many group exhibitions in Israel and abroad