Selected Works

Assaf Shani was born in 1976 u Israel.

Shani is a painter and an architect. His profession manifests in attention to detail, precise choice of color and carefully planned brush strokes. The end result is characteristically realistic, yet personalized and focused

Shani’s manner of work makes the viewer think he may have already seen this landscape section or a similar one in the past; Maybe he walked there before. Shani manages to create a sense of silence and almost partnership with the viewer looking at the works. In a certain way his paintings are not just descriptions , but also become a scene, wishing to present the special feeling inherent in the Israeli landscape and its humanity, a sense that even without a title or without being exhibited in Israel, Many Israelis would be able to recognize the scenery described in his work as “a view from here”.


You Are Here. Montefiore Gallery, Tel Aviv
Keep the Silence, (dual exhibition with Sharon Raz) Pass.Port Gallery, Tel Aviv

Still Life, Ramot Menashe Arts Gallery
Yama VaNegba (dual exhibition with Talia Yemini) Yavne Arts Gallery

No Place Where Nahariya Arts Gallery
Pure Landscape, Hod HaSharon Arts Center

Small Landscape, Herzliya Performing Arts Center
Desert Days, Al Hatzuk Gallery, Netanya
Point.View, Ein Karem, Jerusalem
On the Road, Beit Hecht Cultural Center, Haifa
Made in Israel, Artspace Gallery, Ramat HaSharon
Seesights, tziUrim Gallery, Kibbutz Urim
Between Man and Land, WaterTower Gallery, Sheffayim

Place on Earth, Beit Yad Lebenim Gallery, Ness Ziona
Clods, Beit Yad Lebenim Gallery, Hod HaSharon
Twelve Lands, Herzliya Performing Arts Center, Herzliya
Nomading, HaKITTOR Gallery, Kibbutz Magen
Walkthrough, City Hall Gallery, Ra’anana
Landway, City Hall Gallery, Petach Tikva

Displacements, the ARTIST HOUSE, Rehovot


Ralli Museum, Caesarea

Saloon 2017, HaCubia Gallery, Jerusalem
Pieces of Scenery, Diaghilev Gallery, Tel Aviv
Eyewitness , MY Gallery, Zikhron Ya’akov

Painting Camp 2016, Negev Museum of Arts, Be’er Shevah
Red Roof and Landscape, Talpiyot Gallery, Holon

Saloon 2015, HaCubia Gallery, Jerusalem
Resisim Project, Hensen House, Jerusalem
Non Visual Art, HaTachana Gallery,Tel Aviv
Fields Theory, Weizmann Institute of Science Galley, Rehovot

Dfus.Amal, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv
Paula Sharp Gallery, Haifa
Land, Apter-Barrer Art center & gallery, Ma’alot-Tarshicha

Bat-Yam Art Institue
City Hall Gallery, Netanya
City Hall Gallery, Herzliyah

GROSS Gallery, Tel Aviv
HASUKAH Gallery & Arts Center, Binyaminah
Bread and Roses Artsale 7, Tel Aviv