Selected Works

Avraham (Abraham) Kan, was born in 1968 in Georgia, lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Abraham’s work can be best described as naïve primitivism. His paintings show scenes loaded with figures, events and color. Childhood memories, characters from books he has read, biblical stories and everyday life often crisscross in layers in one painting. He has a rich imagination and a great sense of shape and color. Despite the fact that Kan does not use light or shade, his “flat” paintings are full of expression and motion. He can organize shapes and complex situations by seemingly simple means – the effect is immediate and striking. Kan’s art is trualy imaginative, hypnotic, bursting with life.

“I choose to bring the audience light, love and humor. Darkness has no place in my art-life is complicated enough”, he says.”The magic happens when you manage to put all you love, dream about and are driven to in one place, creating an indelible memory”.

Kan has exhibited in Israel, as well as Europe. His work is owned by collectors in Israel, France, Germany, England and the U.S. Legendary Israeli artists M. Kadishman and M. Pichhadze ( in blessed memory ) had his work in their collections.

Kan is a true professional, plunging with great passion into painting- constantly growing, evolving, improving technique, bringing to life new images, again and again surprising as a wonderful colorist. His unique mind never rests. Abraham’s dedication has borne much trust and will continue to do so.

Solo exhibitions:

2017   Tales for Teo, GINA Gallery of International Naïve Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
2016    Dreams, The National Art Museum, Batumi, Georgia
2015    Urban Jungle, Gallery Bernard, Tel Aviv, Israel
2014    Brotherhood, Gallery Zadik, Jaffa, Israel
2014    Familiar Melody, Avilys, Kaunas, Lithuania
2014    Threads, Maironis Museum, Kaunas,  Lithuania
2012    Inside And Out, Gallery Bernard, Tel Aviv, Israe