Selected Works

Roee Jakubinsky, aka BINSKY was born in 1982, in Israel and was raised and educated in New York (Queens) in the 1980’s. Today he lives and works in Tel-Aviv.

BINSKY, is a multidisciplinary and virtuosic artis. As a curious child with a fine aesthetic sense and as a descendant to a family legacy of intellectual artists, he was exposed there to a wide range of genres and techniques from the local art field and participated in professional art classes, that were conducted by well- known artists at that time.

In the 1990’s, BINSKY returned to Israel and started acquiring knowledge   in design and painting at various academies of art, including Avni College and Beit – Berl College. BINSKY then, went on to exhibit his works of art in different distinguished art galleries throughout Israel.

Although BINSKY flourished in the art academies and was inspired by the great art history masters of the last century, he always felt like an Outsider who is driven by the desire to articulate and explore individualistic and revolutionary approach in his works of art. His self- perception as “the other”, the struggles he had with speech fluency and attention deficit disorder since childhood, brought him to embrace his ” demons”. He used it as a tool to express his complexed and colorful identity as a person and as an artist. It motivated him to build a unique visual language free from any inhibitions and is forever evolving. BINSKY’s deep  yearning to  break down the distinction between art and life and to liberate the mind, his desire to challenge himself, as well as his need to present a large spectrum of emotions in the most spontaneous improvisatory manner in the public arena, alongside his ambition to spread his works of art and social agenda among diverse populations, led him to perform his creations outside, in the urban , vibrant, exciting environment, in streets of Tel-Aviv. In the public space of the metropolitan, BINSKY engages in a productive dialogue with the spectators, relating to the historical, economic and social contexts of the sites in which he creates (slums, violent neighborhoods, industrial areas, etc… ) and is influenced by the various objects and natural elements surrounding him.

BINSKY ‘s large-scale works are remarkable in their colorful vitality, strong outlines and their relentless expressiveness in shades of color, form and content. His works depict grotesque figures that are highly reproduced and embody a psychomental expression and a certain magical effect, floating in space against a magnificent three-dimensional composition, combined with pure repetitive formal elements. These fantastic creatures might be a reference to African tribal masks and their use for religious ritual purposes.

BINSKY has developed and practices an art technique which is based at first stage on : spontaneous, intuitive sketch, he scribbles to amend, to second-guess and correct himself, this process exemplify his urge to connect with the subconscious world of human dreams, fantasies, anxieties and the desire to return to innocent childhood. In the next stages: he applies layers of acrylic oil paint by spraying on huge areas that he constantly changes by adding more layers of mixed paint according to his personal state of mind, the atmosphere of the location (e.g., Roof top of a building in an immigrants neighborhood, or a school façade  ) and with relation to the way that his creation is accepted by the residents on the specific neighborhood.

BINSKY teaches versatile art techniques and conducts “street art” workshops for the public education system and for special education institutions. He collaborates with talented groups of artists that “bomb” the streets.

BINSKY’s works possess a therapeutic nature that penetrates spectator’s soul, enables a spiritual uplifting affect that crosses all boundaries of reality as we know it.  Their colorful richness, the figures that may be pagan, or may be creatures from a different planet are portrayed with humor and blend with unusual shapes and forms into a deep and harmonic composition, generating a joyful and mesmerizing experience for the observer.


Solo Exhibitions

2018 Hosting and presenting paintings in the morning program “Ha’olam HaBoker” with Avri Gilad, Reshet

2017 “The Tel Aviv White night”

2016 “Kuli Alma” private exhibition

2014 “Tiny Tiny” Gallery presenting mygroundplay, private exhibition

2013 “Shorashim” Gallery in cooperation with The First International Bank of Israel )HaBank HaBeinleumi)

2013 “Opera House”, Performing Arts Center “Week 33”

2012 “Office gallery”, “line 47”

2011 Holon Institute of Technology – H.I.T, Gallery “The One”


Group Exhibitions

2019 “Fresh Paint 2019” Gallery Complex, Representing “Kooko” Auction House for Young Art.

2018 “Desire“ as part of an Urbaniacs street art collective,“Center of Hagra”.

2017 “The Tel Aviv White night”.

2016 “New Life” at the Artists House, “Alharizi”, Tel Aviv.

2016 “TLV Art Gallrey”, Tel Aviv Port, Neve Tzedek.

2016 “TLV math“ Uriel Hacoste 23, Florentin.

2016 “Bazel” Gallery.

2015 “B-SIDE record store”, Florentine.

2015 “The Tel Aviv white Night”, Uriel Hacoste 23, Florentine.

2013 “Hangar 2”, Port Jaffa.

2012 “Hitach, Place for Contemporary Art” Herzliya-Pituach.

2011 “Kanti” Gallery, Old Jaffa.

2011-2009 “The Secret Postcard, Fresh Paint” 1,2,3. Postcard Design.

2009-2010 “The Leah Rabin Exhibition”, “The Israel Cancer Foundation”, “Bank Hapoalim”.

2010 “Fresh Paint 4” Representing the “Office” Gallery.

2010 “Secret Art 3”, “Beit Mani” Bank Leumi.

2009 “Hezi Cohen/ Opal” Gallery.

2008 “The War on Alcohol”, “Bat – Yam” Gallery.

2007 “Maayanot” Gallery, Jerusalem.

2007 “ Beit Daniel”, Tel Aviv.



The office gallery in Tel Aviv

TLV Art Gallery

Bank Leumi

Basel Gallery

The Nakash family


Art Projects

The POP UP Museum TLV

7th floor Graffiti exhibition of the new central bus station in Tel Aviv.

The graffiti project “Midrahaov Nahalat Binyamin”.

Painting with students of “Etzion-Gaber” School Eilat, inspired by subjects taught in the school.

Street Art, NYX Tel Aviv Hotel, Fattal.

Art for the young

Graffiti workshop experience, with gifted high school children in Skate Park, Eilat

Workshops for the development of children creative thinking in Tel Aviv schools.

Art teacher at Masada Special Education School.

Conduct children graffiti workshops through a “Havruta” corporate project