Selected Works

Elie Shamir was born in 1953, in Kfar Yehoshua, Israel.

Since graduating from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Shamir has participated in many exhibitions in Israel and abroad. After years spent in Jerusalem and Boston, Shamir returned to Kfar Yehoshua village in 1999 and resettled there, as the third generation of the place’s founders.

The issue of place is present with great force and complexity in Shamir’s work; aspects of this issue pertain, among others, to that tangled knot which is tied and unraveled throughout the generations between the Jew and the land, between the immigrant and the native-born, between the local Arab and the Hebrew pioneer and his vision, between the farmer and his field.

The clumps of earth in Shamir’s paintings are placed on geological strata charged with biblical past, with primeval culture, with Zionist history, with socio-economic ideology, with artistic tradition but also with his own personal family story. Kfar Yehoshua is both a personal, specific case of an agricultural village in the valley of Jezre’el, and the story of a local ethos and starting point for fundamental questions about place.

1977-1981 BFA, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem
2004 MA, Based on exhibitions and publications

Solo Exhibitions
2016 The Place of Man, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa
2015 Early Works, Ramat Gan Museum of Art, Ramat Gan
2013 Kfar Yehoshua, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
2009 Valley, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv
2006 Made in Yizre’el, Emek Yizrel College Gallery, Emek Yizrel
2003 Paintings 1995-2003, Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv
1999 Portraits, Oranim Gallery, College for Art Education, Kiryat Tivon
1998 Kfar Yehoshua, Jesreel Valley, Memorial Center Art Gallery, Kiriat Tivon
1997 Portraits, Visual Art College Gallery, Beer Sheva
1994 Paintings and Works on Photographic Paper, Binet Gallery, Tel Aviv
1993 Paintings and works on Photographic Paper, Ashuah-Irving Gallery, Boston
1991 Paintings and Objects, Different Angle Gallery, Boston
1990 Paintings Wessel Library Gallery, Tufts University, Boston
1989 Paintings, Bezalel Academy Gallery, Jerusalem
1989 Objects and painting, Mabat Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
1987 Paintings, Meimad Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
1986 Paintings, Debel Gallery, Jerusalem
1986 Paintings, Meimad Kathan Gallery, Tel Aviv
1986 Paintings, Artists House, Jerusalem
1984 Paintings, Tatrama Gallery, Tel Aviv
1972 Drawings, International Culture Center for youth, Jerusalem

Group Exhibition
1982 Nature Now, Artists House, Jerusalem
1984 Spring Exhibition, Debel Gallery, Jerusalem
1984 Free Choice, Radius Gallery, Tel Aviv
1986 June in the Center, Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv
1986 Teachers Exhibition, Kalisher School of Art, Tel Aviv
1986 First Line, Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod
1986 Artists Greet the Youth Wing, Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod
1986 Artists House, Jerusalem
1986 International Festival for Painting, Cagnes sur Mer France
1987 Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art
1987 Binding of Isaac in Israeli Art, Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art
1987 Memad Gallery, Tel Aviv
1987 Ashdot Yaakov
1987 Business card, Gallery of the Department of Fine Art, Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem
1988 Fresh Paint, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1988 Portrait of A City, Haifa Museum of Art
1988 Drawings, Memad Gallery, Tel Aviv
1988 Prints, Memad Gallery, Tel Aviv
1988 40 Years of Human Rights, Amnesty intl. Exhibition, Bugrashov Gallery
1989 On Surface, traveling exhibition, Art for the People
1989 New in the Collection, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1989 New in the Collection, Haifa Museum of Art
1989 Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv
1989 Painting from Nature, City of Rehovot Gallery
1989 Museum of Bat Yam
1989 “International Biennale of Prints”, Ljublijana, Yugoslavia
1990 Winter Exhibition, Different Angle Gallery, Boston
1990 Different Angle Gallery at Symphony Hall, Boston
1990 Star Gallery, Boston
1990 Massachusetts
1990 Different Angle Gallery, Boston
1992 Star Gallery, Boston
1992 Israeki Artists, Wendy Sheffer Gallery, New Jersey
1992 Summer Exhibition, Boston
1993 “Locus”, Contemporary Art from Israel, Fisher Gallery, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
1993 Ein Hod
1993 Tel Aviv University Gallery
1993 Water and Fire, Massachusetts
1994 Jerusalem
1996 Portraits, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1996 “The Gallery Artists”, Ice Gallery, NY
1997 “Family Stories”, Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv
1997 Jerusalem
1998 Collection Exhibition, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1998 “Earth”, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1998 Portrait, Teacher Exhibition, Bezalel, Jerusalem
1998 Four Artists, Dafna Naor Gallery, Jerusalem
1998 Sahbat in the Kibutz, Nechushtan House, Ashdot Yaakov
1998 “The Gallery Artists”, Ice Gallery, NY
1999 “90 Years to Tel Aviv”, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1999 “Voice of Respect, Yanko Dada Museum, Ein Hod
2000 Teachers Exhibition, Oranim College, Kyriat Tivon
2001 “Reshamim, Contemporary Drawings in Israel”, Bet Haomanim, Jerusalem.
2001 “Landscapes”, Potsdam – Israel, Villa Grenzenlos, Potsdam, Germany
2001 Kyriat Tivon
2002 Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2002 Opening of the mosaic site to commemorate the Architect Richard Kauffman, Kfar Yehoshua
2002 “Focus on Paintings”, Haifa Museum of Art
2003 “Art of the 80`s”, Gallery of Oranim, College of Art Education
2003 “Water” Tel Aviv Museum, Youth Wing, Tel Aviv
2003 “Shivat Tzion…”, Zman Leomanut, Tel Aviv
2004 Haifa University Gallery
2005 “Die Neuen Hebräer”, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin
2005 The 80’s in Israeli Art, Oranim College Gallery, Kyriat Tivon
2005 Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan
2006 Winners of the Culture and Education Ministry award, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Curator: Amitai Mendelson
2007 Collection Exhibition, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2007 Israeli Experience, Open University, Raanana
2007 Open University
2007 Jerusalem
2008 BP Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London
2009 “Constellation: Israeli Contemporary Art”, Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery, Rome
2009 “As is”, Vittoriano Museum, Rome
2009 “The Rebels”, The new gallery in Ofakim, Ofakim
2009 Watermelons, Reuven Museum, Tel Aviv
2009 Rome
2009 Black, Culture House for Art Gallery, Nazareth
2010 400 Women Shoreditch Town Hall Basement 380 old street London ECIV 9LT In association with Amnesty International
2011 BP Portrait award, the National Portrait Gallery, London
2011 Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2012 Nazareth
2013 Nazareth
2014 Ramle
2014 Shenkar Department of Fine Art Gallery
2014 The Giving Tree, Um El Fahm art gallery
2014 The Donkey in Israeli Art, Islamic Museum, Jerusalem

2005 Minister of Education, Culture and Sport of Israel Award
2006 Benno Gitter Award, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Public Collections
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Haifa Museum of Art
Hebrew University, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem
l’Ambassade d’Israël en France
Residence of the President of The State of Israel