Selected Works

Frank Meisler was born in Danzig, educated in England and graduated in Architecture at Manchester University. His home and studio are in the Artist’s Quarter of the Old City of Jaffa.
His limited edition sculptures and individual works of art in bronze, pewter, silver and gold plating, have frequently been commissioned by Israel’s Prime Ministers, as well as the heads of state of other countries as presentation gifts on state occasions.
In addition to one-man exhibitions and public sculptures in many parts of the world, Meisler’s work is on permanent view in galleries in Old Jaffa, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, New York, San Juan, Moscow, and Kiev.
The artist has designed the interior of the first synagogue built in Moscow this century, and sculptures on the site of Russia’s National War Memorial.
Other major works have been erected in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Los Angeles, Miami, Santo Domingo, London, Mannheim, Moscow, and Kiev.
Frank Meisler’s autobiography “On the Vistula Facing East”, was first published in 1996 by Andre Deutsch, London, and has been reprinted.
In 1999, the Czech Academy of Art awarded him the ‘Franz Kafka’ Gold Medal for Artistic Achievement.
In 2002, both the Russian and the Ukrainian Academies of Art elected him Honorary Academician.
In 2006 the sculpture group, “Children of the Kindertransport” was erected in Hope Square, Liverpool Street Station, London. He was awarded with the “Freedom of the City of London”.
Meisler’s work is characterized by a sense of movement and revelation – “The opening and closing of the doors of life”. It is a synthesis both powerful and personal. Every sculpture beckons you to explore its magic.

Frank Meisler is a world renowned and critically acclaimed contemporary art and sculpture designer, focusing on several themes and adding unique style and humor to the art of luxury and figurative sculptures. As well as a leader in his field, Meisler specializes in Jewish fine art and is a pioneer in modern Jewish art. His gold and silver artifacts are of the highest quality, made to detail and express Meisler’s captivating perspective of contemporary art and sculpture.