Selected Works

Iddo Markus was born in 1979, in Boston, USA. Today lives and works in Haifa, Israel

Markus is a multidisciplinary artist whose works consistently inviting us to explore the relationship between figuration and abstraction.
Between directness and enigma, between traditional and contemporary approaches towards painting and source material.

His multi-layered oil paintings installations, most of them are small-scale to miniatures size, echo the artist’s expressive interpretation of the moment, and the frenzied Mediterranean environment he lives in as a seismic factor in his intense work practice.
A notion that brought Markus in recent years to create a body of work that is composed of many small fragments that make up dense installations.
Markus’s works delve deeper beyond the mere representation of an object to question the visual language, These works create a dialogue between the canonical and the ephemeral, between art history, Photography and the endless flow of imagery that defines contemporary digital culture with autobiographical hints (Text by Dr. Shahar Marnin-Distelfeld).

2011-2012         Bachelor of Fine Arts Haifa University
2005-2008     Bachelor of Fine Arts “Hamidrasha School of Arts” graduated with excellence,  Beit Berl, Israel.
2003-2004     SVA-School of Visual Arts-New York, USA-Courses

Solo Exhibitions
2018           “Family Matter” Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2018           “The Others”  Yair art gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2017            “Gossip” Rothchild fine art gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2016           “Glitch”   Rothchild fine art gallery Tel-Aviv, Israel
2014            “Urtica”  Yair art gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2012            “For want of a nail…” Threshold Gallery, New Delhi, India
2011             “Different hand” Kibbutz Lohamei-Hagetaot Gallery, Israel
2011             “Bite size” Yair Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2009            Drawings and Paintings 2007-2009, Raw Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018            Summer Show, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2017            Painting salon, The cube, Jerusalem, Israel
2016           The Return Of Paper – The 6th Biennale for Drawing, Jerusalem, Israel
2016           Decade, Yair Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2014           Summer Exhibition, Zemack gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2013           Metropolis, Woofer Ten & C&G Artpartment gallery, Hong Kong
2012           Dybbuk Feinberg projects Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2012           Magic hours Ashdod art museum, Israel
2012           Yonas al masari-dead or alive, BAAD gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2011            Formally Speaking, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel
2011            the specialists Hanina gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2010           Haifa -Plovdiv, Plovdiv- Haifa Pygmalion House –  Bulgaria
2010           Talking Heads, Yair Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2010           wall works, Janco-Dada Museum Ein Hod , Israel
2009           A little more PEKA Gallery, Technion Institute, Haifa, Israel
2009           A little The Wing Gallery, Haifa, Israel
2009           Heat Wave, Raw Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2008           New Purchases- ST-ART, Tiroche House, Tel Aviv, Israel
2008           Coming Soon, Contemporary Art Gallery, Tivon. Israel

Art Fairs
2018         FRESH-PAINT, Tel Aviv, Israel
2015         ART MIAMI, USA
2014        ART TORONTO, Canada
2014       SF ART FAIR San Francisco, USA
2013       FRESH-PAINT, Tel Aviv, Israel
2012       INDIA ART FAIR, New-Delhi, India

Yair Art Gallery
Zemack Gallery
Rothchild fine art gallery
St-Art collection
Z-A Art collection
Oded Shatil
Bank Leumi
Raw-Art Gallery
Private collections

Curatorial work
2016            The culture palace, Gate 3 Gallery, Haifa, Israel
2015            Concrete fantezy, Zemack gallery, Tel aviv, Israel
2014            The moon is a hole is the sky, Haagaf gallery, Haifa, Israel
2012            Paris square, Haifa-Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel
2011             Rite of spring, Raw Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2010           Sorrow, the Wing Gallery, Haifa Israel

2009-2015  Co-founder of The Wing gallery , Haifa, Israel
2016-2018   Co-founder of Haneviim – Working Space, Independent Art School, Haifa , Israel