Selected Works

Liliane Danino was born in 1951 in Morocco.
A self-taught painter and sculptor, who finds stimulation in reading, dance, and life’s emotions, Liliane Danino sees art as “a language made up of vibrations”. Her passionate commitment has led her into teaching art, creating set designs, working as a theatrical make-up artist, and creating special effects for film productions.

Liliane’s work has been exhibited regularly since 1978 in France, Morocco, Israel, USA, Canada, and around the world.

In the course of time, she has extended her sphere of interests to embrace different forms of expression, and has used the experience of traveling throughout the world to develop a constantly evolving style of painting.
The characters she has met, and the places she has seen, have produced a vision of a colorful slumbering Orient which calls to mind watercolors of the early explorers. Impulsive strokes link together to delineate spontaneous movements of the body.