Selected Works

Mark Tochilkin was born in 1958 in Ukraine.
From 1973 to 1977 he received his formal art training at the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Art. After his studies, Tochilkin experienced a wave of artistic success and even joined the Soviet’s Artist Society in 1988.
After immigrating in the 1990’s to Israel, Tochilkin’s popularity grew; he now participates in many shows, art institutions, and galleries, both in Israel and abroad. He has achieved particularly great success in the United States where his works are displayed on a regular basis.
Tochilkin is one of the most interesting artists of our time and an acclaimed master of modern Israeli paintings, lives in this multilevel, complex and vigorous world. Tochilkin’s swift ascent is an extraordinary and highly unusual phenomenon which has rocked the art world over the past few years.
The works of Tochilkin are sufficiently diverse that they cannot be reduced to a common denominator. One of the defining characteristics of Tochilkin’s work is the outstanding technique and solid professionalism found in his painting, plastic art, drawing and composition. The artist’s traditional training at prestigious art schools has not smothered his spontaneity, but rather has allowed him free rein to release his ingenuity and to give his creative impulse unchecked license to innovate and explore.
Mark Tochilkin is represented by Tribes Fine Art Gallery, Tel Aviv.