Selected Works

Natan Elkanovich was born in 1966, in Moldavia.

Elkanovich is a visual artist that migrated in 1976, with his family to Israel. After secondary school, he studied fashion design for his Bachelor’s degree at Shenkar College.

Since 1995, he has worked as a costume designer in the Israeli Television & Cinema industry, for which he was awarded with 4 Israeli academy awards, for best costume design.

Ever since painting had become an integral part of his life, Natan began developing his unique painting technique; in which he mix all kinds of plastic materials in different quantities, which include, among others, silicon and acrylic, and sprinkles them on the canvas. That creates 3-D texture on the surface. Sometimes he adds Swarovski Elements and all kinds of glitters to the result. This technique is 100% hand made by Natan, and there is no machinery involved in it.

Natan creates portraits of famous people or figures, and homages of beloved paintings, which have influenced his life deeply and had a long lasting impact on him.  Through their influence on philosophy and popular culture, by painting them, Natan expresses his respect for them and cherishes their great impact on his world.

In 1999 he staged his first drawings exhibition ‘Spilt Milk’, at the ‘Amalia Arbel’ Gallery in Tel-Aviv. Natan was selected to participate in the prestigious international young art 2002 exhibition, which took place in Tel-Aviv, New-York and Amsterdam in January & February 2002. Natan`s paintings are exhibited and sold at prime galleries all over the world, and they are part of numerous private art collections.

Natan lives and works in Tel-Aviv, Israel.