Selected Works

Oleg Babich is a visual artist, illustrator, designer, creative director, and author of children’s literature and comics based in Tel Aviv.
Oleg was born in 1976 in the Russian city of Ekaterinburg, in the heart of the enigmatic Ural Mountains. After getting a Master’s degree in architecture, he opted to devote himself to fine art and creative activities in order to carry on his family’s artistic dynasty, which began in the XVIII century with Eastern-European window-decoration painters. He has lived in Israel since 2009.
Oleg is frequently involved in exhibitions and art events both in Israel and abroad. He has also had the privilege of working on projects for internationally known clients such as Mazda, Danone, Unilever, and others. Oleg Babich’s paintings depict Nature as a mystical high power. The hidden connection between actual and unreal forms of life serves as the foundation for a story – a surreal tale full of mystery and passion.