Selected Works

Roni Hoffman was born in 1952 in Tel-Aviv, a Yeshiva graduate that was always drawn to Jewish art and craftsmanship. From his early years Hoffman loved sketching artifacts and Israel’s landscapes.

Hoffman raised a family, and for every Saturday night one of his small children held the “Havdalah” candle and the hot drops of wax found their way to their little hands. Hoffman couldn’t bare the pain inflicted to his child so he designed and formed a candle placement. Hoffman has nurtured and broadened his talent to all Judaica artifacts with great and extraordinary creativity.

Hoffman’s art crafts are intuitively drawn from a deep connection to Jewish foundation and faith, his art is designed with clean lines, circled and soothing.

In his art, Hoffman is using a unique material called “Aviation Aluminum” that gives a constant, shining and noble dimension for each and every item